Mokuleia Beach Cottage Escape

In a hotel in Waikiki you might get good services provided to you.  You could have room service.  Maybe a day at the spa.  You could take ukulele lessons.  But most people come to Hawaii for it’s beauty and beaches.  Waikiki Beach is like a giant ant hill.  You better get to the beach by 10 if you want a nice spot.  By the afternoon you will have people walking over you.  Luckily you don’t need sun screen.  Just take a quick dip in the ocean and you will get a nice coat.   

At our cottage we don’t provide any fancy services.  There is no spa.  There is no room service.  There is no concierge to cater to your every need.  

But if you want to kick up your heels, have a night on the town, get wild and crazy, Waikiki is only 45 minutes away.


All we provide is a beautiful, private, serene, safe location for a unforgettable Hawaii vacation.